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If you are looking for high quality material and clean professional job, you have come to the right place.
We carry only high quality films.

Our high end package Diamond IR95 gives you the best heat absorb, quality and comfort available in the market. Check our Ceramic Film page.

Mon to Fri appointments with a $75 deposit or walk in no deposit.
Takes 1 hour for a tint job.

Mon - Fri 10:00am - 5:00pm

Sat and Sun are by appointment only with a  none refundable $75 deposit through Zelle. Must call for availability
Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm by Appointment
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JJ Window Tinting. Tint School

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Nano Ceramic Window Film
Ceramic Window Tinting

Established.We were established in 1990. Since then we have provided our customer with the best job, service and material. We are an experienced and professional window tinting shop.
. We provide all services related to window tinting products. Window tinting services for car, home, office and commercial.
We install. We install safety, anti graffiti, mirror and dark window film in houses, office and commercial buildings.

Since 1990

Fix it ticket. Because front windows are illegal If you got a fix it ticket bring the car to us and we'll remove it safe, for the car to pass inspection.
Fast reliable. We provide exceptional, fast and reliable window tinting jobs. Most of the time we tint a car in 45 minutes.
Same day car window tinting. We offer same day window tinting. Just call or text us and we'll take care of you same day.
No appointment.  No appointment needed, first come first served basis.
Business hours. We are open Monday to Saturday most Sundays and holidays.
Car window tinting open Sunday.
We install window tinting on cars on most Sundays. Call us to check.
Film types. We carry a large selections of window films, from limousine, dark, medium, light to almost transparent. We carry clear ceramic window film that stops heat and not visibility. Also carry premium. high performance, carbon fiber, ceramic and nano ceramic films.
Custom cuts.We cut the film freehand since using a plotter with software is time consuming. Freehand is better since is not a template but custom cut. People who uses potter are people who haven't master the window tinting skill. We take very good care to people's vehicles since we know how you care about it. We don't rush our work even though we do it in less than an hour.
3M window film.
Some people think that 3M window tinting is the best. But it isn't. The problem with this film is that it creases easy during installation. Also the window film curls after installation. In European cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen it gets scratched very easy. That's why in many shops they sale you for an extra charge a felt strip so that the dust particles bury in to it and don't scratch the film. We quit using it for these reasons and since then our problems are solved.
How much window tinting cost?. People wonder how much car tint cost. The brand doesn't really matters. What matters mostly is the type of film. Prices differ from shop to shop and the types of film they use. The type of films are standard, premium, carbon fiber, ceramic and nano ceramic, heat resilient window films.
Cheap window tinting and film. Also if you buy cheap window film expect less quality. Better films cost more  and expect better quality. Most people the first thing they ask is " How much for window tinting" because they are attracted to cheaper prices, but the cheaper the lesser quality. Remember if it's too good is not so true.
Window tinting near me.
We are a local tint shop. Most of our customers come from our area and that's a great advantage for them because of easy access and quick service.
Best window tinting quality.
Every body is looking for the best quality so, we carry different types window film. Like regular, good better and best Depending on your budget. Some people don't plan to keep the car for too long, just a few years while the lease lasts. These people buy regular window film. But those who plan to keep the car for many years buy the best.
Economic window tinting.
Most if not all economic $99 or under $100 window tinting specials are never good, better nor best at all. what you pay is what you get. Cheap window tinting, since the quality will be low. Always buy good better or best window films to ensure long lasting material.
Window tinting removal.
We do window tinting removal safe. People try to remove the window film by them self. We don't recommend this. Some people install window film but don't know how to remove it. We recommend to bring it to us to safely remove it without damaging the defrost lines.

Benefits of installation of window film or window tinting.

Window tinting or glass tinting is an aesthetic product that enhances not just the look, comfort, safety but also saves gas since the vehicle heats up less. Cools off faster since the air conditioning kick in fast. For home or office or commercial also saves energy and keeps the furniture from cracking or fading. For businesses adding anti graffiti film on the storefront is great since replacing scratch glasses will be expensive and in case of shattering keeps the glass together and not endangering people with debris. . Mirror films helps see outside good keeping the outsiders from looking in.
Car window tint coupon specials and offers. We Have specials all through out the year for car window tinting. This discounts special coupons don't apply for home, commercial nor office.
Tint shop prices. Every tint shop has it's own prices. Depending in the quality and type of work they do.
Car window tinting estimates. Call or text us to get a car window tinting estimate over the phone for ceramic window tint and Carbon Fiber window film.
Car window tinting cost. Car window tinting can cost from near $100 up to $1,500. Depending on the type of car and film.
Home window tinting cost. Prices for home window tinting depend mainly in the difficulty of the installation and type of film.
How to choose window tint. Window films quality depends mainly on the shop you choose. Some tinting shops use only budget low end window films. Other higher end carry low and high end.
What brand of window film is best. The brand of the film doesn't really matter. What matter is the type of film you choose. There's only one company that holds the raw material. The rest laminates it. So any body with enough money can come to these companies and buy the film and label it with your own name.
Window tint film. Window tint film is applied to windows that need to be darken for privacy or block heat from the sun.
House window tinting privacy. House window tinting privacy is what people are mostly interested to stop people from looking inside the house.
Car window tint estimates near me. Get an instant car window tint estimate by calling or texting us.
Commercial window tinting price per square foot. Get a quote for your next commercial and office tinting by square foot.
Residential window tinting reviews. We got the best reviews on residential window tinting in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale, Van Nuys, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Chatsworth, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Palmdale and Sunland.
How much does window tint cost on average? There is no price specified on how much window tinting could cost. Prices go from a cheap as $99, $100, $120, $200, $250, $350 and higher for higher quality window film
Window tinting is rapid. Most people don't want to wait for their car to be tinted that's why we offer rapid window tinting without waiting for an appointment.
Auto window tinting. We carry the best price and quality window tinting for your auto.
Window tinting acts as a sun shield to the vehicle.
Blackout window tinting makes the car fresh thus making the AC work faster and saving energy.
Front window tint California ticket. If you got a ticket for the 2 front windows tinted, bring it to us and we will remove the tint for $45 charge fee.



JJ Window Tinting Map Of Local Cities We Service

Cities we service in Southern California with window tinting specials.

We are a local near Los Angeles car tinting shop and cover a large area close to LA. Call us for all your window tinting needs. In some cases if we are not too busy we do mobile car window tinting since to near or local cities. For all our customer's who live near and need a home. apartment, office or commercial and live in these cities. Window tinting special in Burbank,  window tint special in Hollywood, Car window tinting specials in Pasadena,  glass tinting specials in Studio City, glass tinting for car in Van Nuys, Arleta,  Encino, Culver City, Ca, Los Feliz, Sherman Oaks, Ca, Woodland Hills, Ca, glass tinting in Chatsworth,  in Northridge,  in Simi Valley, Sun Land, Glendale,  West Los Angeles,  in Inglewood, Lynwood,  Santa Clarita,  Valencia,  Montebello, Palmdale, Beverly Hills, Torrance, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Arleta, Panorama City, Altadena, Santa Monica, Calabasas, Oxnard, West Covina, Fullerton,  Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Inglewood, Dawney, Azusa,  and Lynwood Ca. Customers in the area of Glendale Ca can now call us for their next window tinting and glass tinting quote. Glass tinting near Glendale. Glass tinting in Pasadena Ca.
Call us for a quote.
Is this tinting shop near me? We are a local tint shop. Most people search for local tint shops and search for car tint near me. Hoping to find the best close to them. We understand this because most people are ready to tint heir car once they are searching for it. We don't give appointments for this reason, everybody wants it right away.
Windshield tinting. Some people ask if adding film to the windshield will increase the protection. It does, it reduces glare, heat and adds safety to the occupants. We recommend to use IR and UV films, not regular. This glass is the most difficult to tint because we have to be care full not to drip water into the electronics and the installation is uncomfortable due to the steering wheel and dashboard.
Window film front strip or tint bra. Adding a front strip to the windshield helps to make driving comfortable in addition to the window tinting to the rest of the windows since it dims the sun light.
Window tinting quotes and estimates. Get a free quote or estimate on your next window tinting project.

Car window tint laws. California Highway Patrol webpage says
" Tinted Windows … Only windows that can be coated with "after market" tinting are those located BEHIND the drivers seat …
Pre-cut window tint or film kit. We don't recommend to buy pre cut window films kits. It takes many years of practicing to learn to install window film. The template needs to be shaped by heat gun still and you need to know how to do it. A tint shop will charge you the same amount of money to install it because window tinting is mostly labor. You will end up spending more money.


JJ Window Tint. Sunroof Tint.

Sunroof Tinting.

Sunroof Tinting. Applying film to the sunroof is great because in sunny hot weather days you enjoy the sky without burning your skin.

JJ Window Tint. Front Streep.

Front Strip Or Bra.

Windshield Bra or Front Strip. Driving with the sun against you is difficult because the glare of the sun makes it difficult. Adding a front strip reduces the the glare and on top of that reduces 10% of heat entering the vehicle.

JJ Window Tinting. Windshiel Tinting.

Car Windshield Tinting.

Windshield tinting. Some people ask if adding film to the windshield will increase the protection. It does, it reduces glare, heat and adds safety to the occupants. We recommend to use IR and UV films, not regular. This glass is the most difficult to tint because we have to be care full not to drip water into the electronics and the installation is uncomfortable due to the steering wheel and dashboard.
Ceramic and Carbon Fiber Window Films.
Why my window tinting has air bubbles?
Most window films will last  about 5 years. Could be less or more depending on how long the car is exposed to the sun. Long summer days beat the films harder. The more the car sits in the sun the sooner it will deteriorate. It will fade, become blurry and will start peeling.
My tint is new but it has tiny bubbles. If the window tinting has a few hours of installation, could be that it has water pockets and need to dry. If it has over 10 days and it has tiny dots, that's dust. If it has a lot then it needs to be re done if it's a few then is normal.
Is window tinting perfect? Window tinting is not perfect due to contamination in the air.  Dust particles become trapped in the film or glass immediately after is cleaned thus perfection can't happen. The only way to get it perfect is if you buy the glass with color from manufacture. Every window tinting can be improved but it will never be perfect.
Just window tinting. Just tint. We just do window tinting.
We carry window tinting specials all through out the year. Winter window tinting special. Spring window tinting special, Summer window tinting special. Fall window tinting special. 
Car window tinting types.
There are different window tinting and window film types. From standard, premium, carbon fiber, ceramic an nano ceramic.
Window tinting shades. Shades start from limousine, dark, medium, light and clear.
Window film rolls. Window film rolls come in different sizes. From 20 inches to 60 inches.
Window tint percentages. Window tint percentages come from 5%, 20%, 35%, 50%, 70% and 90%
Car window tinting types. There are different window tinting types like Premium, Carbon Fiber, Ceramic and Nano-Ceramic.
Ceramic window tinting cost. Ceramic window tinting cost a little more money because it is designed to last longer since is a heat resilient window film.
We use to do window tinting in Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys City.

Customer testimonials.
Richie window tint testimonial.


  • This review is long over due. But I just wanted to let everybody know that this guy knows what he's talking about. He was very friendly and was able to work on my car right away ! It was done quicker than expected and I still get compliments on my window tint to this day. My next car lease I'm going to come directly here because it makes a huge difference to not only the appearance of your car. But also keeping the heat out.

    The best part is when I needed my window tints done I called a few other stores but JJ's was the only place that would work on it right away. This is a 10 star review ! Thank you !!!

    Alex window tint testimonial:
    Very happy with my car tint. Over 4 years and no problems.



Car Window Tinting

Professional window tinting for cars. We carry a wide variety of shades and films. From standards to heat resilient films.  No appointment needed. First come first served basis. It takes 45 minutes from the time we start the vehicle. Call or text us for a quote.

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JJ Window Tint Waiting Area

Customer's can relax watch movie and use our wi-fi connection while waiting in our clean waiting room or drop off the car and pick it up later. We will call you when it's ready

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Car window tint removing

We remove car window film safe. $45 for front 2 windows only. Also if you need to remove the tint from the windshield the price is $75.

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